The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil have unveiled that Michael Jackson ONE ™ will open and take residency exclusively at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino this summer. Directed by Jamie King, Michael Jackson ONE will start its preview performances on May 23, 2013 and have its official premiere on June 29, 2013. This entirely new show is the second creative project to be developed between Cirque du Soleil and The Estate of Michael Jackson after the top grossing Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, currently playing arenas in Europe as it travels the world.

The show
Michael Jackson ONE is a state-of-the-art visual and audio experience creating a theatrical evocation of Michael’s creative genius. Guided and inspired by his music, four misfits set out on a transformative adventure. By journey's end, they will personify Michael's agility, courage, playfulness and love.

The name
Michael Jackson believed that all people are unique and equal, regardless of race or culture. His message was one of unity, harmony and hope for a better world. At once evocative and enigmatic, the name Michael Jackson ONE also presents a paradox: Michael was a multifaceted artist who strove to fuse together various musical styles and art forms. It is a fitting title for a unifying journey into the world of the King of Pop, the genius, the visionary, the One.

2013 1.29 Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour in Japan!

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour in Japan!

After touring Europe and performing before more than one million people, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil, is thrilled to announce the tour dates in Japan!


This electrifying production will be playing 5 cities: Saitama, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukoka and Osaka.
Don't miss this riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy!

2013 1.23 ジェニファー・バトゥン、「Forever Dangerous」を立ち上げる

「Bad」、「Dangerous」、「HIStory」の各ワールドツアーでマイケル・ジャクソンのリード・ギタリストだったジェニファー・バトゥンが、 クラウドファンディング型の構想を立ち上げ、「Forever Dangerous」のための資金を募ると発表した。「Forever Dangerous」はワールドクラスのライブステージ作品となり、マイケル・ジャクソンのレガシーを讃えることになるだろう。その目的は、ライブ・パフォーマンスの歴史の中で最も記憶に残るコンサートの瞬間を再現することだ。ジェニファー・バトゥンは史上最高のライブ・ファンタジー・ショーを世界に届けたいと考えている。


Hi-Phi Entertainment(コロラド州を拠点とする会社でライブ・エンタテイメントやイベント・プロダクションが専門)のプロデューサー、クリス・フィッシャーとMJインパーソネーターのカルロ・ライリーがバトゥンのパートナーだ。この3人は当初、伝統的なエンタテイメント業界の支援を得ようと考えていた。制作面でのコントロールとショーの正確さを損ないかねない過剰なことが付け足されるだろうということに気付く前の話である。




世界的に有名な照明と美術のデザイナー、マーク・ブリックマンが先日「Forever Dangerous」のチームに加わった。ブリックマンはテレビや主要映画の他に、ピンク・フロイドやポール・マッカートニー、ブルース・スプリングスティーン、ブラック・アイド・ピーズ、シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ、ナイン・インチ・ネイルズ、ノー・ダウトらと仕事をしたことがあり、92年夏季オリンピック、98年冬季オリンピックでも仕事をしている。





原文: ■ Jennifer Batten Launches ‘Forever Dangerous'


2012 10.5 From the Estate Of Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson’s Wembley Concert is the No. 1 selling DVD in the world. Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary is drawing rave reviews from film critics and will air on ABC Thanksgiving night. Entertainment Weekly gave Bad 25 album an “A” calling it “a potent reminder of just how much Bad's pulsing pop holds up.” Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour” was Pollstar’s top selling North American concert tour in the first six months of 2012, debuts this month in Europe and recently received Billboard’s Creative Content Award. And "This Is It" is the most successful concert film…EVER.

The world loves Michael Jackson. Rest assured that every action the Estate takes will continue to endeavor that fans experience exciting new projects that further build upon and enhance his incredible legacy as an artist and humanitarian, while securing the financial future of those he specifically named as his beneficiaries.

Sadly the full potential of Michael’s legacy continues to be hindered by a small handful of people who recklessly spread false rumors and obsess over stale, internet-fueled conspiracy theories much as they did when Michael was alive. These rumors have long since been debunked and have no legal or factual foundation.

This week, some of these baseless theories appeared yet again in an article in Vanity Fair in the form of an excerpt from a book written by Randall Sullivan that will rehash these tired theories. While we do not want or need to respond to all of the nonsense, we do want to remind everyone of at least a few truths.

The suggestion that John Branca or Howard Weitzman have a conflict of interest when it comes to AEG, and for that reason did not join Katherine Jackson in suing AEG, is not only false but reckless and noticeably unsupported by any facts. The Estate chose not to join in the lawsuit because it saw no evidence that AEG was culpable in Michael's tragic passing. Eventually, should the case proceed to trial any decision on AEG’s liability will be decided by a jury. That said, the Executors are troubled by the unfortunate and distasteful information being brought out in those proceedings which could sully and damage Michael's reputation and our memory of him.

Another outrageously false claim is that Michael’s burial was delayed by any action of the Estate.

As for the Will filed in the Probate Court, let's be clear: IT IS LEGALLY VALID, and the court properly appointed John Branca and John McClain as co-Executors. Those who wished to contest Michael’s wishes had every opportunity to challenge his Will. It should be noted that the 2002 will is consistent with Michael’s wishes as expressed in three prior wills.

Sitting in the cheap seats and perpetuating tired cloak and dagger theories as Mr. Sullivan has done is not journalism, it's gossip mongering for profit. Look no further than some of the sources Sullivan relied upon for much of the incorrect information he chose to include in this book.

Our commitment is and always has been to Michael’s legacy, his beneficiaries, his fans and to the spirit of an extraordinary artist and humanitarian who continues to touch the world.

2012.08.07 BAD25周年記念スペシャルエディションの公式トラックリストを公開




New York, NY – Epic/Legacy Recordings in collaboration with the Estate of Michael Jackson today announced the highly anticipated track listing for the September 18th release of Michael Jackson BAD25 that celebrates the legendary album and record breaking BAD tour. Featured in the deluxe package, are three CDs, two collectible booklets, and the first ever authorized DVD release of a concert from the record breaking BAD World Tour – the July 16, 1988 sold out Wembley Stadium show in London.

Filled with previously re-mastered versions of iconic hits and un-released recordings from the King Of Pop, the BAD25 anniversary deluxe edition CDs and DVD will include the following:

CD one features re-mastered versions of Michael's biggest hits on the original BAD album, including, "Smooth Criminal," "Man In The Mirror," “Bad,” “Another Part of Me,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and "Dirty Diana" arranged in the same sequence as they appeared on the original album released 25 years ago. “Leave Me Alone” was added to the album as a bonus track following its initial release and has been included on the disc.

CD two offers fans a rare listen to thirteen additional tracks, 6 of which are previously unreleased demo recordings created at Michael’s personal studio built at his then-home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, California. Also included are all three bonus tracks from the 2001 expanded edition of BAD, the previously un-released French version of Michael performing the classic, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” a high power version of “Speed Demon” remixed by Nero and the brand new remix of “Bad” worked on as an electrifying collaboration between Pitbull and Dutch DJ Afrojack.

Recordings included in this package reflect the songs and spirit of Michael Jackson’s artistry during BAD’s recording sessions and have been selected to show the different stages of how Michael’s songwriting and recording genius took shape. Some tracks are so complete that any other artist but Michael Jackson – who worked tirelessly to make sure his songs reflected his vision – might consider them finished tracks. Others are less complete but offer insight into Michael’s creative process in its various stages. Included is the demo, “Al Capone,” an early incarnation of what ultimately became “Smooth Criminal,” “Don’t Be Messin’ Around,” an example of a more complete demo, and a song initially titled, “Song Groove.” That song later became known as “Abortion Papers” which according to Michael’s own records, he spent considerable time in weighing how best to thoughtfully address something that was, and remains, a very personal and sensitive issue.

A true highlight of the package is CD three and the DVD – the never seen before live concert on DVD and its accompanying music CD of Michael’s legendary July 16, 1988 concert at Wembley Stadium. The concert is not a compilation of performances, but rather one complete show, exactly as Michael performed it for Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the 72,000 fans who were in the audience for that night’s sold out show. This show was one of the seven record-breaking nights played at the venue attended by more than half a million people – three times that many people tried to purchase tickets. The DVD was sourced from Michael Jackson’s personal VHS copy of the performance as shown on the JumboTrons during the concert. This footage was only recently unearthed and is the only known copy of the show to exist. The visuals have now been restored and the audio quality enhanced so that fans can share in the excitement of that famous night in 5.1 surround sound taken from the original multitrack recordings made that night.

In addition to the complete Wembley Show, the DVD will also contain “The Way You Make Me Feel” from Michael’s July 15th performance at Wembley Stadium. This is the only song not performed on July 16th due to the late start of that night’s show. Also included are the thrilling early performances of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Bad” from the Yokohama Stadium performance in September of 1987 during the first leg of the BAD World Tour.


CD ONE – Original Album
1. Bad
2. The Way You Make Me Feel
3. Speed Demon
4. Liberian Girl
5. Just Good Friends
6. Another Part Of Me
7. Man In The Mirror
8. I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
9. Dirty Diana
10. Smooth Criminal
11. Leave Me Alone

CD TWO – Bonus Tracks, Unreleased Tracks, Demos, Remixes
1. Don’t Be Messin’ Around
2. I’m So Blue
3. Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers)
4. Free
5. Price Of Fame
6. Al Capone
7. Streetwalker
8. Fly Away
9. Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Spanish Version)
10. Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous (I Just Can't Stop Loving You, French Version)
12. Speed Demon (REMIX BY NERO)

CD THREE – CD Live at Wembley Stadium July 16, 1988
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2. This Place Hotel
3. Another Part Of Me
4. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
5. She's Out Of My Life
6. I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There
7. Rock With You
8. Human Nature
9. Smooth Criminal
10. Dirty Diana
11. Thriller
12. Working Day And Night
13. Beat It
14. Billie Jean
15. Bad
16. Man In The Mirror

DVD – DVD Live at Wembley Stadium July 16, 1988
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2. This Place Hotel
3. Another Part Of Me
4. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
5. She's Out Of My Life
6. I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There
7. Rock With You
8. Human Nature
9. Smooth Criminal
10. Dirty Diana
11. Thriller
12. Bad Groove (the Band Jam section)
13. Working Day And Night
14. Beat It
15. Billie Jean
16. Bad
17. Man In The Mirror (Encore)

And Bonus Tracks Include:
1. The Way You Make Me Feel (Performed at Wembley the previous night, July 15, 1988)
2. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You/Bad (Performed at Yokohama Stadium, September, 1987)

2012.07.10 受賞歴のある映画監督スパイク・リーがマイケル・ジャクソンのドキュメンタリーを制作




New York, NY – It was announced today that Academy Award nominated filmmaker Spike Lee, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music, is in the final stages of post production of a Michael Jackson documentary focusing on Michael’s landmark BAD album and worldwide tour. The project marks the first ever in-depth, behind the scenes film project to chronicle a Michael Jackson album, and is being filmed amid the 25th anniversary celebration of the iconic album, record-breaking world tour and groundbreaking short films that changed music history. The documentary features over 40 interviews conducted personally by Spike Lee with Michael’s confidants, choreographers, musicians and other collaborators who collectively unveil the real story of this “coming of age” project through their vivid recollections of what it was like to work day in and day out and live this project with Michael. BAD’s lasting influence is captured through interviews with some of today’s top artists, including Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Sheryl Crow, who was a back-up singer on the BAD tour.

The Michael Jackson BAD documentary joins an incredible body of Spike Lee documentaries including the Peabody and Emmy Award winning, When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts and its follow up, If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’t Rise, Kobe Doin’ Work, and the Oscar Nominated, 4 Little Girls. Lee directed both short films for Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” in 1996.

Spike Lee comments, “I’m more than just a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and having the chance to actually know him and work with him, I deeply care about his legacy. With this BAD project I was able to uncover just what made this such a huge, important coming of age in his career and unearth compelling stories surrounding the making of the album, the long awaited follow-up to Thriller – the best selling album of all time - the short films and the tour that may have never seen the light of day.”

Among the interviewees are Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorcese, Joe Pytka and other filmmakers who worked with Michael to bring the stories in his songs to life on the screen through short films that remain today some of the most vivid and creative storytelling by a musical artist as well as one of his Michael’s personal engineers, Matt Forger, who worked with Michael at the recording studio at Michael’s Hayvenhurst home where the songs first came to life, keyboardist Greg Phillinganes, who worked on the album and then the BAD Tour. Also shedding light on the BAD album, short films and tour are individuals like former CBS Head Walter Yetnikoff, as well as choreographers Jeffrey Daniel and Vincent Paterson.

John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of The Estate of Michael Jackson comment, “Spike Lee’s genius as a storyteller combined with his passion and first-hand appreciation of Michael’s artistry makes him the logical filmmaker to tell the story of BAD. We are thrilled to be working with him on this unique project.”

The third and final album collaboration for Jackson and Quincy Jones, BAD launched a pivotal coming of age for the King of Pop as a performer, composer and producer. The album was #1 around the world, made history with five consecutive #1 singles on the Billboard chart, produced ten chart-topping singles, nine ground breaking short films and to date, the BAD album has generated over 45 Million units in sales. BAD was nominated for six Grammys and won two; the album earned Michael the first-ever Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMA Awards. Songs on the original album are: “Bad,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Speed Demon,” “Liberian Girl,” “Just Good Friends” featuring Stevie Wonder, “Another Part of Me,” “Man in the Mirror,” “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Dirty Diana,” “Smooth Criminal,” with “Leave Me Alone” added to the CD version of the album once released.

Spike Lee’s film supports the 25th anniversary of BAD, which will also be celebrated with the September 18th release of BAD 25, a must-have deluxe package featuring three CDs, two collectible booklets, and features the first-ever authorized DVD release of a concert from the record breaking BAD tour, the concert at Wembley Stadium on July 16, 1988 attended by Princess Diana, Prince Charles and a sold-out crowd of 72,000 fans. A BAD 25 two CD standard edition featuring the original album plus the CD of demos and new remixes will also be made available as will a stand alone edition of the DVD and a picture disc of the original album.
More details on this and other exciting projects relating to BAD’s 25th anniversary will be announced soon.

2012.06.02 BAD25 ウェンブリーの映像について


DATE: MAY 31, 2012


● ノクターン・プロダクションが、ウェンブリーを含む多くのコンサートでジャンボトロンに映し出された映像をUマチック・テープに撮影していたことはわかっています。これらのテープはマイケルのクルーへ引き継がれました。そして、ヨーロッパ・ツアーのすべてはLAへ送られマイケルの倉庫に保管されたことをパトリック・ケリー(ヨーロッパ・ツアーでマイケルの撮影クルーを指揮した)に確認しています。アメリカ・ツアーでも同様の手順が採られました。

● 残念ながら、倉庫の記録管理は散発的で、保管のために送られたテープがどうなったのかはわかりません。多くの場合、到着時に入れられていた箱から取り出されたテープは元の箱に戻されることはなく、どこにしまわれているかは意味のないことでした。その結果、25年後、すべての保管庫の徹底捜索を行ったものの、ショーのテープのすべてを特定することはできていません。だから、ウェンブリーのUマチック・テープは倉庫に送られたと信じていているものの特定することはできていません。また他のコンサートのUマチック・テープに関しても音声に大きな問題があり、使用不可でした。

● 特定のコンサートをマイケルが見たいと思ったときにVHSにコピーが作られたことはわかっています。しかしながら記録がないため、またしてもどのコンサートがVHSとして存在しているかはわかりませんでした。最終的に私たちは、ダイアナ妃やチャールズ皇太子が出席したウェンブリーのショーについて、Uマチック・テープではなくマイケル個人のVHSコピーを発見しました。このVHSの発見でさえ、私たちには奇跡に感じました!

● ですから、ウェンブリーのUマチック・テープのマスターの捜索を続ける一方で、ウェンブリーを含む全てのコンサートの存在する音源の調査を行いました。幸運なことに、ウェンブリーの音源はサウンドトラックを使用して製作されていました。そして、バッド・ツアーの唯一のマルチトラック録音であるように思われます。存在する他の音源・映像は、Uマチック、VHSに関わらず、いわゆる「front of house(観客用)」のミックスで、高品質で聴くために使用しうる分離された音源はありませんでした。ウェンブリーが、ライブ・アルバム制作に適している唯一の音源であるのはこのためです。

● BAD25リリース・パッケージにライブDVDを含めるのであれば、選択肢は一つしかありませんでした。ウェンブリーです。そして映像に関しては二つのオプションしかありませんでした。違うショーのUマチックかウェンブリーのVHSか、です。エステートにとって、UマチックからDVDを作る方が、VHS映像を苦労してレストア、画質向上するために時間と費用をかけるよりも安上がりだったでしょう。しかしそれでは真に本物の体験をお届けすることにはならないでしょうし、この映像を高音質で見ることは、私たちがそうであるように、すべてのファンの皆さんにとって魔法のような体験になると私たちは信じています。最終的に私たちは、この種の仕事(NASA向けのVHS映像のレストアも含まれる)について独自の技術を持つ研究所を選びました。現状で最高のビジュアル体験を作り上げるためです。

バッド・ツアー・ファースト・レグから日本でのコンサートをリリースするという選択肢もありました。ショーのマスターが存在するからです。しかしこのコンサートは、最終的に「BAD」と「I Just Can’t Stop Loving You」が加えられたもののヴィクトリー・ツアーの再現です。ファンが望んでいると私たちが考えるものではありません。BAD25周年記念としてはDVDをリリースしない(ウェンブリーのUマチックが発見されるかもしれないという希望を持ち続ける)という可能性もありましたし、あるいは元のままの音源とともにあの魔法の夜を再び体験する機会をファンの皆さんと共有するということも選ぶことができました。私たちは後者の道を選び、最上の本物の視聴体験をファンの皆さんにお届けするという決定を下しました。9月に発売された時には、これが正しい選択であったとファンの皆さんに分かっていただけると私たちは信じています。

ソース:MJエステート / MJJFANCLUB.JP /

速報 5月21日 MJJFANCLUB.JPオフィシャルブログより転載




「Who's Bad」のフレーズが一つの世代の文化的キャッチフレーズとなって25年、エピック/レガシー・レコーディングスはマイケル・ジャクソン・エステートと共同で、この伝説的アルバムと記録破りの「BAD」ツアーを2012年9月18日、デラックス・パッケージ「BAD25」のリリースで祝う。このパッケージは、CD3枚、ブックレット2冊、そして記録破りの「BAD」ツアーのコンサートについての初の公式DVDリリースが含まれる。


・ パッケージのハイライトは1988年7月16日のウェンブリー・スタジアムでの伝説的コンサートのDVDである。チャールズ皇太子とダイアナ妃、そして当夜のソールドアウトのショーに詰め掛けた72000人のファンに向けてパフォーマンスを行ったこのコンサートはパフォーマンスを単に連ねたものというよりむしろ、完璧なる一つのショーである。このコンサートは計50万人以上を動員した会場での記録的7晩のうちの一つである。なお、チケットを手に入れようとしたのはこの3倍の数であった。DVDは、マイケルが個人的に所有していた、コンサートの間ジャンボ・トロンに写されていたパフォーマンスの映像を元にしている。この映像は近年発見されたもので、このショーについての存在を知られている唯一の映像である。映像はレストアされ、音声も改善されており、あの有名な夜の興奮を味わうことができる。

・ オリジナル「BAD」アルバムのリマスターCD。

・ ヘイヴェンハーストのマイケル個人のスタジオで録音された未発表素材が収録されたCD。この見発表素材には、アルバム収録曲の初期のデモバージョンや、最終的にアルバムには収録されなかった曲のデモも含まれる。これらの素材はすべてBADセッションでレコーディングされたということでリリースされるものだ。何も付け足されていない。加えて、世界的に著名なDJ/プロデューサーらによる新リミックスも収録される。

・ 7月16日のウェンブリーでのパフォーマンスの音源を収録したCD。マイケル・ジャクソンの初のライブCDとなる。これは、マルチトラックでの存在が知られている唯一のBADツアーのコンサートである。

この3CD/1DVDのボックスセットには、レコーディング・セッションやビデオセット、コンサート・ツアーからの未発表写真や、アルバム「BAD」のオリジナル・カバー・アート、両面ポスターなどからなる2冊のブックレットが封入される。オリジナル・アルバムにデモ・リミックスのCDを加えたBAD25 2CDスタンダードエディションに加え、DVDとオリジナル・アルバムのピクチャーディスクが単体で発売される。

6月5日(米国、米国以外は4日)、エピック/レガシー・レコーディングスは同アルバムからのオリジナル・ファーストシングル「I Just Can't Stop Loving You」をシングルCDでリリース、BADセッションの未発表トラック「Don't Be Messin' 'Round (demo)」も収録される。これは米国内ではウォルマート独占のCDシングルであり、デジタル販売は行われない。

6月26日、オリジナルの7インチビニール盤シングルの復刻版が、オリジナルB面曲「Baby Be Mine」とともに世界中で発売。「BAD」からのファーストシングル「I Just Can’t Stop Loving You」は1987年に7インチビニール盤で発売された。同曲の7インチシングル・エディットは今までオリジナルの7インチビニール盤でしか聴くことができなかったものである。

先日、ペプシがマイケル・ジャクソン・エステートとの世界的独占パートナーシップを「Live for Now」のキャンペーンとして発表した。今月より、20カ国以上のマイケル・ジャクソンとペプシのファンは、10億本ものマイケル・ジャクソン BAD25 スペシャル缶やライブ・イベント、スペシャル・マーチャンダイズやBAD25からの新曲を入手する機会などの販売キャンペーン等、様々な方法でこのパートナーシップを体験することになる。


オリジナル・アルバムの収録曲:「Bad」、「The Way You Make Me Feel」、「Speed Demon」、「Liberian Girl」、「Just Good Friends」(featuring Stevie Wonder)、「Another Part of Me」、「Man in the Mirror」、「I Just Can’t Stop Loving You」、「Dirty Diana」、「Smooth Criminal」 後に「Leave Me Alone」が追加。



ソース:MJエステート / MJJFANCLUB.JP /

5.4 Pepsi Announces Global Partnership with the
Estate of Michael Jackson

Michael’s Iconic Image to Be Featured on One Billion Pepsi Cans in More than 20 Countries; China is First Market to Launch
Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Multi-platinum Album, BAD

PURCHASE, N.Y., May 3, 2012 – Pepsi today announced an exclusive global partnership with the Estate of Michael Jackson as part of its new “Live for Now” campaign, which Pepsi fans around the world will experience in a variety of ways including an engaging retail campaign featuring one billion special edition Michael Jackson Bad 25 Pepsi cans, iconic music, epic live events and opportunities for fans to access special edition merchandise.

The partnership coincides with the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s multi-platinum BAD album and record-breaking tour, around which the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music have celebratory projects underway.

To celebrate Jackson’s incredible contribution to pop music, Pepsi, Sony Music and the Estate of Michael Jackson have teamed up to share new mixes of legendary Michael Jackson music from the BAD album with fans around the world, proving that the King of Pop is not only the world’s most iconic artist from the 20th century but also influencing music in the 21st century as well.

Brad Jakeman, president, Global Enjoyment Brands, and chief creative officer, PepsiCo Global Beverages Group, said, “Pepsi has always been at the forefront of pop culture, helping to shape the music landscape. This unique global partnership, around such a legendary music milestone, invites Pepsi fans from around the world to experience Michael Jackson’s music in an engaging and very NOW kind of way – it’s a model example of how Pepsi’s ‘Live for Now’ campaign can manifest itself in a way that resonates the world over.”

Pepsi will feature iconic silhouette imagery of the King of Pop on cans with the launch of collectible limited edition can designs. Pepsi will also run contests in markets around the world giving fans the opportunity to win merchandise including, a limited number of jackets inspired by the original staff BAD tour jackets and tickets to Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil, the #1 touring show in North America.

”We are thrilled to bring Michael and Pepsi back together, as they were in 1988, tocelebrate the 25th anniversary of the BAD album and tour and to put Michael on one billion Pepsi cans – perhaps a Guinness record,” commented John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson. Branca and McClain added, “We’re excited to see it all come to life.”

China and the United States will be among the first Pepsi markets to launch the exclusive Michael Jackson King of Pop activity in 2012, with approximately 20 additional markets in Asia, South America and Europe continuing the international roll-out throughout the rest of the year.

On May 5 in China, a 330ml limited edition can will be available at retail locations nationwide. In addition, from May 15 - June 14, 2012, fans will be encouraged to share photos of their valuable Jackson collections or original artwork celebrating him, for a chance to win tickets to Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil, as part of China’s “In Honor of King of Pop MJ” promotion.

Later in May, the U.S. will launch a nationwide retail campaign including a limited edition 16oz. King of Pop Pepsi can, as well as initiate a retail, music-themed promotion.

Frank Cooper, chief marketing officer, Global Consumer Engagement, PepsiCo added, "Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop, and his music has always inspired fans and artists alike. But, this partnership goes beyond nostalgia and will engage with consumers all around the world with iconic imagery on more than one billion Pepsi cans, digital content and epic, live events, so that they cancontinue to connect with Jackson’s music and honor his legendary impact on entertainment.”

Michael Jackson has a long standing relationship with Pepsi spanning more than 25 years. The legendary King of Pop starred in his first Pepsi campaign alongside his brothers in 1983, as part of the Pepsi ‘New Generation’ campaign followed by Pepsi’s sponsorship of the epic BAD Tour and the iconic “Chase” commercials which served as the impetus for the current reunion. Pepsi also featured Jackson in the ‘Music Icons’ commercial that premiered during The X Factor in 2011.

Pepsi’s new “Live for Now” campaign is a culmination of extensive global research demonstrating Pepsi fans’ desire to capture the excitement of now and live each moment to the fullest. First launched in the U.S. last month, “Live for Now” will come to life through a breadth of global, pop-culture platforms, events and unique partnerships and will begin to roll out globally throughout 2012.

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