4.22 It is all for L.O.V.E, it is all for Michael, it is all for children of the world.

Dear fellow fan,

We are contacting you to ask for your support and cooperation to
fulfill Michael’s dream of building a children’s hospital. The Michael
Jackson fan community continues to be the strongest and most dedicated
fan community on Earth. We have achieved many ambitious goals by working
together in the past and we believe we can do it again this time. As
Michael said, there is nothing that cannot be done, if we raise our
voice as ONE! This includes the building of a children’s hospital in
Michael’s honor.

We would be grateful if you could please take the time to read this
brief summary about the Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital
initiative, with a view to working together to help make this happen.

The Idea:

Ever since the fan community became aware of Michael Jackson’s wish to
build a children’s hospital with the proceeds of the This Is It tour,
many of us have been wondering if we could do anything to make Michael’s
last dream come true. Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital initiative,
which you might have heard of by now, was created in order to unite
fellow fans around the world to work together and give this great gift
to our beloved Michael. Rebecca Black, the creater of the MJCH, was able
to garner a significant amount of support from fellow fans in just a
couple of months.

The Organizational Structure:

The MJCH project is currently being run by two project co-ordinators,
Rebecca Black from the UK and Christine Serene from the US. A Project
Committee consisting of 7 team members focuses on vital areas such as
media, promotions and research. A worldwide network of MJCH
representatives work to promote the MJCH in their respective localities,
ensuring we can reach fans across the globe. Since Michael Jackson has
fans all over the world, we try to make sure that we are present

Our Priorities and Goals

Our goal is to eventually raise funds to build a children’s hospital to
honor Michael Jackson and commemorate a lifetime of L.O.V.E. However,
currently we are not accepting any donations and will not do so untill
we are sure that the required legal procedure is fully complete. We are
in the process of being established as a legal entity in the USA, which
will also bring our initiative closer to the Estate and the Jackson
family. The Estate and different members of the Jackson family have been
contacted and duly informed about the MJCH. We are hoping to receive
their official approval as we grow bigger and stronger. Therefore at
this stage our most important priority is to collect pledges of support
from fellow fans via email or through our website.

In order to get bigger and stronger, we believe that we need to all
work together. MJCH can become a success story for the MJ fan community
only if and when we join our forces. That is why we need your support to
make our voice heard, to become more visible in the fan community.
Although MJCH has been operational for about 4 months, there are
hundreds of thousands of fans who have not yet heard of us but would be
very much willing to be a part of this dream. Help us reach out to these
fans and let’s write HIStory together.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, an
interview or promotional article at:

Feel free to also visit our website
at We would very much appreciate if
you gave a link to our website in your page, and we will be very happy
to do the same. We would also like to invite you to write a small piece
about us to place on your website, should you be interested in doing so.

Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to working with you
to make Michael’s last dream come true.

It is all for L.O.V.E, it is all for Michael, it is all for children of
the world.

Kerry Ward


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3.7 Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour is the #1 tour in America

Great News! Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour is the #1 tour in America and has been since the show’s US premiere in Las Vegas last December, according to Pollstar magazine, the concert tour industry’s leading trade publication. The show is breaking box office records: Over the weekend in Miami, IMMORTAL was sold out three nights in a row and set a new record as the top grossing 3-day run in the history of the American Airlines Arena. Fans around the country have been tremendously supportive, and what’s more, the show’s incredible musical performances, choreography and visuals have drawn new fans to Michael’s music and legacy. It’s the biggest, most successful tour in the country! This is just what Michael would have wanted and deserves. Michael has always been and will always be the Biggest Star in the World thanks to his fans!


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3.2 Introducing Our Michael… The Sculpture

Hello! Ohio!
Watashi wa, Caroline desu.
I would like to invite you to see my new sculpture of MICHAEL here in Encino, California.
My site >>>
I hope you like it.
Please invite your fans to see it and comment and help finish it.
Domo arigato!


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2.20 Statement from attorney Howard Weitzman, on behalf of The Estate of Michael Jackson:

The Estate of Michael Jackson filed claims against Tohme Tohme for misconduct that it determined occurred during the brief time he was associated with Michael as his personal manager as well as actions that took place after Michael passed away. We expect Mr. Tohme to file a lawsuit against the Estate. We believe the facts will show that Mr. Tohme’s claims are meritless and that Mr. Tohme engaged in wrongdoing with respect to Michael Jackson starting early in their relationship. The Petition filed summarizes our position and we will let this matter be litigated in the courts.


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1.29 TIWT Austria & London Announced!!

The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil announced today that Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour™ will perform in Vienna on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd of December at the Stadhalle. This once-in-a-lifetime electrifying production will use Cirque du Soleil creativity to give fans worldwide a unique view into the spirit, passion and heart of the artistic genius who forever transformed global pop culture. Written and directed by Jamie King, the show includes 64 international dancers, musicians and acrobats.

マイケルジャクソン イモータルワールドツアーが、ロンドンO2アリーナからヨーロッパツアースタート!


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1.28 MJ Grauman's Hand & Footprint Ceremony Video



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1.6 MJ to be Immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

The Estate of Michael Jackson announced today that Michael will be immortalized in a hand and foot print ceremony at Hollywood’s legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on January 26, 2012, starting at 11:00am PST.

In a giant celebration of the legacy of the King of Pop, and the Los Angeles debut of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris and “Blanket” will use their father’s shoes and sequined glove to make impressions in the cement in the famous forecourt of the theatre (alongside such entertainment icons as Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Sidney Poitier, Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks).

The cast of THE IMMORTAL World Tour will perform a special live presentation, and the entire event will be streamed live via Twitter @michaeljackson with additional photos and live coverage of the event tweeted from Twitter's music channel @twittermusic.

Fans can go to January 19 for line up information!!



キング・オブ・ポップのレガシーと、「Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour」のロサンゼルス・デビューを大いに祝い、マイケル・ジャクソンの3人の子供たち、プリンス、パリス、"ブランケット"が父のシューズとスパンコールのグローブを使って同シアターの有名な前庭のコンクリートに手形・足形を作成します(フレッド・アステアやエリザベス・テイラー、ジュディ・ガーランド、マリリン・モンロー、シドニー・ポワチエ、クラーク・ゲーブル、メアリー・ピックフォード、ダグラス・フェアバンクスといったエンタテイメントのアイコンたちと並んで配置されます)。

「THE IMMORTAL World Tour」のキャストがスペシャル・プレゼンテーションを生で披露する予定です。さらに、写真やツイッターの音楽チャンネル@twittermusicでの生中継のツイートなど、イベントの模様はツイッター(@michaeljackson)経由でライブ配信されることになっています。


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